YES, please!


Last Tuesday, Yoga Black Lagoon hosted the first Yoga Enthusiasts Social… and it was a rollicking, smash-tastic time. Thanks so much to all the yogis who came out that night (both in person and/or in spirit)!


The theme for our first Social Event was “Yoga Off the Mat – Together.” And yes, the idea of “yoga off the mat” is a bit cliche – yoga teachers talk about it in classes a lot; heck, even Sean Corne’s social activism group has that phrase as it’s name! But sometimes talking about something over and over again can shed new light on the matter – maybe since somebody completely new and different to you says the same thing, it hits your ears in a different way. Or maybe a new friend has never heard the topic before, and as you explain it to him/her, you hear yourself in a new light – new connections happen in your brain, and something that didn’t mean anything to you before now does! This is one phenomenon we got to talk about during our time together that night. =) 

But in general, the theme was to give us a chance to explore each other, and to figure out the direction that we want to go as a group. Al final, the overarching sentiment seemed to be that it was so good (the way a yawn and a stretch feels so good after coming out of savasana) to have the chance to talk about yoga with each other! We all have our own individual, unique yoga practices, and all of us have a different thing we’re searching for – but we’re following a similar set of ideas, and it’s nice to get a chance to talk about our personal discoveries with others.

But a few more details about what our event entailed!

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Join me at YES next Tuesday!

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Have I got something for you:

With the wonderful support of Yoga Black Lagoon, I am starting a recurring get-together session for yoga enthusiasts of Austin. Indeed, we are calling it YES – Yoga Enthusiasts Social. I hope you’ll come hang out!

Yoga Enthusiasts Social
First Gathering
Tuesday, February 11th
(Join us beforehand for Lk’s Hatha Flow, 6-7:15pm!)

Join me and Yoga Black Lagoon for an evening of eating, socializing, and talking about yoga. YES is designed for all people interested in learning more about yoga, “off the mat.” If geeking-out on yoga sounds like your kind of night, we hope to see you there!

The topic for this first event will be, in fact, “Yoga Off the Mat – Together,” – focusing on what and how events like this can be good for our yoga practice. There will be a potluck dinner, followed by 2-3 brief presentations on yoga topics and time for discussion and socializing. PLEASE BRING A DISH TO SHARE:



You can join the event on Facebook, invite your friends, and tell me your ideas about the future of YES. I’ll see you there!