per·co·late (\ˈpər-kə-ˌlāt, ÷-kyə-\) intransitive verb
2b: to become lively or effervescent

3: to spread gradually
4: simmer

Howdy. I am Maggie. I used to teach yoga; Percolate Yoga was my little “brand.” Now I focus on being a student. I am studying yoga in traditional terms — like taking classes, doing asanas, and reading — and in nontraditional ways — such as practicing awareness of myself, sitting still, and becoming more involved in my relationships with others.

I am an economist and artist. In terms of being a yoga student, currently I study traditional yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism, Christianity, humanity, and sentience. I guess I’m keeping this website in the hopes that maybe one day I will return to teaching — and in the meantime, I will have a space for writing thoughts I’d like to share about yoga… and practicing coding.


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