Percolate Updates

teaSo I’ve been researching, getting to know the community, marinating in juicy thoughts, and in general steeping with all sorts of new granules of information and opportunities. I keep waiting for my life to “settle down” just a bit – but life is life, and it just hasn’t settled down yet! It’s better that way, really, though – all I can really do is tame my mind, I can’t tame the world around me. So maybe I’ll just focus on that.

However, it *is* really nice when pieces of the puzzle start to settle into place after months of hard work. For Percolate, that means that I have just found a part-time job (can I get a hallelujah?! crimeny, it took look enough!) – which means, furthermore, that I can now commit to teaching more classes as I work around that schedule. Hooray! So there will be new classes and Percolate opportunities coming up soon.

Until then, here are some updates about what’s going on in the Percolate world right now:

  • The About Hatha Yoga page is finally updated. This page talks a little about what “Hatha yoga” is; for example, why a Hatha yoga class is different (or not) from an Ashtanga or Bikram class. It also helps explain my foundation of yogic philosophy and the approach I bring to Percolate.
  • Tuesday morning class is now donation-based! And the proceeds will go to a really great Austin non-profit. The details are still being honed, but this non-profit will be announced soon.
2013-10-01 08.01.38

Crestview’s yoga space

  • Private sessions are definitely up and going. They’re a lot of fun, too! Here’s a photo of some work I’ve been doing with one couple:

2013-09-28 10.41.12

  • And finally, starting in November, I’ll teach a Sunday evening gentle flow class at Yoga Con Amor.  Que padre, ¿¡no!? 

In other words: things are crazy, but life is good. Thanks for dropping by. Until next time! Cheers, love, and hugs,


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