New year, new schedule, new updates

Good 2014 to you! Happy that you made it here with me. Of course this means that things are gettin’ stirred up, and that we’re all trying new endeavors. Maybe working out more, maybe meditating more, maybe smiling more, maybe complaining a little bit less – or maybe just trying to stay as awesome as we already are. There’s no need to only focus on “fixing” the aspects of ourselves that we deem sub-par; it’s also totally worthwhile (if not more beneficial) to focus on maintaining the perfection we already have!

And keeping that in mind, here’s some more good news for ya:

Percolate Yoga has new things cookin’ up for you as well, including new online resources, new classes, and a new schedule!

New online resources, yeehaw

A “filling out” of the resources page is underway – and part of this includes my new Youtube channel and Google+ page.

The amount of videos and information available out there can be overwhelming. Furthermore, I’ve heard from many people that sometimes they just want to do some yoga at home – but, being fairly new students, they aren’t sure where to begin, who to trust, and how to do it “right.” So I’m paring it down a bit and making playlists of videos that I’ve done, and that I think are worth your time as well. I hope you find it useful! (Will this channel include some videos of my own?? Well, not right now – but maybe sometime soon!)

New classes, new schedule

I’m teaching two classes each week at Gallery Black Lagoon. There’s still the Wednesday class at 4:30pm – but it’s now a traditional Hatha class. Still very friendly to beginners, but now also more open to other levels of asana, breathing, and meditation practices.

My newest class is 7:30pm on Thursday evenings! This is a Gentle Hatha Flow to help you unwind before the last day of the week (if you follow a traditional M-F schedule). I had a super awesome turn-out for the class on our day of Free classes a few weeks ago, and also last week. Hope to catch you there soon, too.

Well, thanks for dropping by again! May you stay warm where the weather is chilly, and cool where it is sweltering. All the best to you and yours!

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