Relocation Plans


New Orleans Studio

The time has come for Percolate Yoga (aka, me) to start packing up and begin the move to Austin, TX. I grew up in Austin and am looking forward to living in my hometown again – and this time, as an adult! The prospect of being in Austin’s yoga community excites me as well, since I received my teacher training at Yoga Yoga studios.

However, I certainly feel sadness for leaving dear New Orleans. I have lived here for almost exactly four years. I love this city, and I will miss it dearly. Hopefully there will be many trips back in the near future!

Relocations and transitions have never been particularly easy for me (and certainly I am not alone in this!). But I like to think of it as a sort of exercise, like lifting weights. One reason lifting weights makes you stronger is because the physical act of lifting a heavy object actually causes the muscle to break down. Once you stop, the recovery process begins – and as the muscle recovers itself, it comes back stronger than before. So I tell myself that relocations, transitions, and other times when I feel like I’ve lost my footing are just experiences where the status quo is changing; afterwards, I will be “stronger,” more aware, and have yet another story to tell.

I mean, come on – this is a perfect chance to percolate! So, that works out well. =)

Thank you so much to all of the people that have supported me in this journey in New Orleans – particularly Sally Heller, for letting me use her art studio for my classes; Laura Stell, for being my yoga teacher and mentor; Sadani, for being a wonderful teacher trainer, mentor, and sounding board; and all of my friends here who have come to my classes, listened to me ramble on and on about yoga, and who have told me that they think what I am doing is cool. Ya’ll are pretty great, FYI.


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